What is now known as the Anglesea & District Community House was one of approximately 10 houses donated by the Tasmanian Government for emergency housing following the Ash Wednesday Fires of 1983. The Barrabool Shire received three houses, which were pre-fabricated in Tasmania for donation for areas of South Australia and Victoria devastated in 1983. It became home to a local person for some five years after she was burnt out in the fires.

In 1989 Council made the house available to the Anglesea Community House Management Committee for use as a Community House.

It was considered by council to be highly appropriate that the house, originally donated to benefit people in crisis, would continue to serve the wider community in its new role.

Community use and interest prompted the Shire to allocate $20,000 towards additional construction works to modify the structure for the developing role it was taking in Anglesea.

A team of volunteers worked to stretch that money as far as possible by providing labour and expertise in the building process. With the extension now complete, we see it used by groups for courses and meetings, while the rest of the house is used for the office and child care.


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