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Housing Diversity and Affordability in Anglesea

Nov 16, 2021

Did you know?

• Median weekly rent is $590 compared to $380 for Regional Victoria
• House prices have risen 73% over 5 years compared to 45% in Regional
• Our population is ageing. Forecasts show the largest increase between
2016 and 2026 is predicted to be in the 70-84 yr old group
• Already our more mature community members are being forced to leave.
There are limited options for them to down-size
• Local families’ children can’t afford to live here.
• Many single parent/ low income households are experiencing mortgage or
rental stress
• Worker accommodation, both permanent and seasonal, is at crisis point
Businesses in town face an uncertain future if this is not addressed
Where will you down-size to?
Where will your kids live when they leave home?
If there’s nowhere for workers to live, how will your business
The Shire is looking at some of these issues and a community working group has been formed to
begin a conversation, are you interested to join?

If you are interested or have an opinion to share, please email the group at:

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