Anglesea Yoga

Classes are currently being held at Great Ocean Road Resort


At Anglesea Yoga we offer Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness classes for all ages and levels of fitness or experience. We value community, connection and presence. We are a bunch of normal, grounded people who are passionate about helping people move more freely and ease-fully through their lives. We believe that this happens through first connecting with our own body. Taking some quiet time to slow down and really feel what is happening on the inside. This is becoming more and more difficult to do as the pace of the world outside of us speeds up. We want to be a sanctuary for you. A place that helps you to slow down and BE. A place where you feel completely welcomed to just BE YOU… exactly as you are.

When, where and how much?

When: check the website for current classes

Where: Classes are held at the Yoga room at the Great Ocean Road Resort.

Cost: $20 for a casual class

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