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Surf Coast Wildlife Shelters
Group Inc.

Sick, injured or orphaned wildlife?

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Heat stress, fire and traffic are serious dangers for our native wildlife. Surf Coast Wildlife Shelters Group Inc. (SCWSG) is a not-for-profit wildlife shelter that offers support and care for wildlife on the Surf Coast.

Run by volunteers, it also actively advocates for native wildlife and the protection of their habitat. Snakes are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975, meaning it is illegal to kill or harm them.

Contact SCWSG for advice or contact local snake catchers.

More Info

Wildlife Victoria
Phone: (03) 8400 7300
Hours: daily from 6:40am to 7:30pm

Contact DEPI on 136 186 for further advice, or call a licenced snake catcher below:

Darren Keiller – 0425 751 706
Darren Rhook – 0407 868 560
Jay Baynes – 0459 632 025

See here for a full list of snake catchers in your area.

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